The national president general of the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, who has local connections, will be in town next month to induct a new member into the organization.

It took steady feet, a hard hat and a guide to safely negotiate the easier of two tours that were offered Saturday by Weaver Cave's new owner, the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust.

A recent trip inside Weaver Cave presented local hikers with the view of a large space called the ballroom, and the other areas that were more like hallways and rooms, only with a few head-bumping ceilings.

The Calhoun County Board of Education this week voted to sell a 40-x-40-foot piece of property near Weaver High School for a token amount to the city of Weaver. 

For Father's Day, here's a look at four dads who know that somewhere out on a baseball diamond are excellent opportunities to learn about sportsmanship and life.

To make his wife more comfortable, Steward bought the Stallion. It has a comfortable back seat, heat and air for two riders and many other features that make riding a motorcycle a luxury. 

A small lake donated to the city of Weaver in August two years ago has proved to be a challenging piece of property to maintain, but the Weaver City Council indicated Tuesday that it would press on to try to resolve the matter.

The fifth annual Alabama Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony was held Friday morning at Anniston’s Centennial Memorial Park, just hours after seven more names had been inscribed on the park’s black marble wall of honor.

Dozens of movers and shakers in all areas of the county contribute to ecotourism in dozens of ways — from the neighbor who places a bench along the Ladiga Trail to the organizer who creates hiking or running groups.  

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